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Welcome to Lokkosh

A Resource Of The People, For The People & By The People !

Gujaratilexicon's Lokkosh is an attempt to capture the contemporary language of the enterprising Gujaratis. Lokkosh allows users to contribute new words and phrases in daily usage. Users can also decide the popularity of words.

Lokkosh is the effort to compile the exceptional words which are not in Gujarati dictionaries though the most popular in day-to-day lives of Gujaratis. People can exchange and share their Gujarati Language knowledge by contributing words. Primer of Lokkosh comprises all the words collected from various sources.

Lokkosh may also include the words of other languages which are not the part of the Gujarati language but widely used by Gujaratis and become the part of their routine communication.

Language is a flowing river. Gujaratilexicon Team receives lots of feedback and suggestions for new words. However, we do not add these words to Gujaratilexicon as Gujaratilexicon represents a standard dictionary approved by experts like Gujarat Vidyapith. However, majority of new words of Gujarati language were not represented in most of Gujarati Dictionaries. Hence, Gujaratilexicon devised the Lokkosh initiative.