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Lokkosh Disclaimer

Lokkosh is a collection of Gujarati words which are fairly in use but yet not found their place in any of the three recognized Gujarati dictionary namely Sarth Jodanki kosh of Gujarat Vidyapith, Bruhad Gujarati Kosh published by University Granth Nirman Board and Bhagwadagomandal. The words collected here are received by us from the people who speak, write or know Gujarati language, in respond to our public appeal.

Words, their meanings and other details received here become part of Lokkosh only after they undergo a thorough examination and check by our committee of experts. Still, However Lokkosh doesn't claim that the meanings, spellings and any other expects or information as depicted here is authoritative or that they should invariably such as are shown here.

We do understand and fully accept that there may be different opinion about Lokkosh words and their meanings. The basic and sole object of Lokkosh is purely to collect Gujarati words which are in fair use, from the people themselves and to present the same to them in the form of a kosh, which is readily available to all at a near click of a computer.